A big thank you to my clients for your lovely reviews.

From the minute I met Claire, I found her very warm, friendly, caring and incredibly knowledgeable on reflexology and how it can support and benefit me during my pregnancy. We had an in depth consultation about my pregnancy and areas I wanted to focus on and how she could support me throughout my pregnancy. I found her so attentive and felt in very safe hands and became a very happy and regular client.

I cannot recommend reflexology with Claire enough! I feel like my pregnancy journey went very smoothly and was an enjoyable one and I really put it down to regular reflexology sessions and all its amazing benefits which I felt after each one. Claire is such a calm and positive soul, it is impossible to not leave her sessions feeling all the good feels. Her passion for reflexology and it’s benefits is amazing and you can see and hear that passion from her in every session. I look forward to my post natal reflexology journey with Claire and the positive impact I know it will have on me. It was the BEST experience and I look forward to lots more sessions. Book in for a session and I have no doubt you will become hooked on the sessions and all the wonderful benefits your mind and body will reap from them!

Morning Claire, just wanted to let you know I went for my check up on Tuesday and Dr found I was 5-6cm dilated so sent me straight to Parkview. Waters broke and (as yet) my unnamed baby boy arrived by 1500 so you can add me to your list of great stories 💗

Claire! Sorry I never reached out to give you the news. My baby was born early morning the day after we did the reflexology massage! Perhaps 18 hours later my water broke at home. So thank you so so much! 🥰😌

I had the most wonderful experience going to reflexology with Claire during my pregnancy. I started going to her after my 20 week scan and went regularly every 3-4 weeks up until the day I had my baby girl. If I had known and realised I could have gone to reflexology sooner, I would have as it was the BEST!

I loved each and every session with Claire and always couldn’t wait for the next session because of the positive impact it was having on me during my pregnancy. I would leave the sessions feeling very relaxed, calm, balanced and energised. The sessions were so relaxing I often fell asleep in them! Most importantly they helped me with pregnancy symptoms such as pains and aches and my sleep improved so much. I often slept 10-12 hours straight after a session with Claire! I often attended her sessions after the end of a busy working week, in which normally I would have gone home and chilled and had a very lazy evening but then once I had my session with Claire I would feel so energised that I would go out and about for nice walks etc.

What an amazing experience – highly recommended to escape and feel pampered.

I came away feeling extremely relaxed and cared for. Claire was very warm and welcoming and her purpose built spa instills instant tranquility in you. She made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in and took special care in consulting me before the session began. Her essential oils filled the session and left me feeling calm the rest of the day. I will definitely be returning again soon!

A beautiful calm healing room, lovely aromatherapy oils.

Claire is totally in service of your session, encourages quiet to maximize the “me” time. Efficient, knowledgeable and a lovely lady to have in your neighbourhood is a bonus. I’m a regular client after one session. 10/10

The setup is perfect and it was a super relaxing experience.

Thank you again. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

The question is where to start! So many aspects that are worthy of mention …

Claire was very warm and welcoming and the dedicated studio instills both calm and confidence. It’s a really lovely space to spend a session! After an initial discussion about my background, my current situation and my reasons for being there, Claire explained her aim for the session and asked if there was a particular essential oil I’d like her to use – there are lots of options but I was very happy to go with her recommendation. Time flew by and I felt very much at ease throughout. Apart from the sense of tranquility I left with, I am confident about the benefits of the session and that I will return soon! Not only that, I will recommend Claire and her healing hands/techniques to everyone. A sincere thank you!

Would highly recommend Claire! Had the most chilled out session in her beautiful studio!

Claire shared her knowledge, letting me know exactly what would happen during the treatment. Myself and my overdue bump were super comfy!

Claire has created a beautiful, calm and relaxing environment for her clients.

I have had two sessions with Claire and genuinely loved every minute of each one. In our first session Claire explained all things reflexology to me (as it was my first time experiencing it) and the areas she was going to concentrate on (being 38 weeks pregnant), I felt in safe hands. I was feeling absolutely incredible and so relaxed after both of my sessions and slept like a baby Couldn’t recommend Claire enough.

Most relaxing and amazing experience I’ve had since being pregnant.

I visited Claire at 37 weeks pregnant. It was the most relaxing and amazing experience I’ve had since being pregnant. She has a very cosy treatment room with lovely aromas and an amazing set up. I left feeling even better and had the best nap afterwards. I would definitely recommend her, she’s absolutely awesome!